Practice Areas

We have experiences in identifying and securing your IPs from the beginning of an idea through the registration and beyond


We provide a full range of patent services from searches of any kind (FTO, patent equivalence, patentability/novelty and current status), drafting of patent specification (in English or Bahasa), local and overseas filings (both convention and PCT routes), dealing with office actions (with the support of resources skilled in the art when necessary), claims amendments, recordals of change of proprietors' records, portfolio transfer to administration of patent maintenances. The services also include providing advice related to various patent matters (assignment, licensing, opposition, protection/registration strategies, dispute resolution, enforcement etc.).We also have an in house patent translation team to provide high-quality and technically accurate patent translations to our clients. The in-house patent translation team is exclusively dedicated to the professional translation of patents and IP-related materials such as patent specifications, drawings, abstracts, patent assignments/license etc.


Trade/service marks, geographical indications

We provide a full range of trademark services including searches, both domestic and overseas filings, opposition, preparing and responding office action, recordal of assignments and renewals as well as litigation and enforcement. With the understanding of the significance of trademark protection in business nowadays, we offer our assistance to manage trademark portfolios.


Industrial Design & Integrated circuit layout designs

We provide industrial design services including searches, both domestic and overseas filings, opposition, recordal of assignments and litigation and enforcement. We can also provide effective advice on the areas of design infringement and invalidation.



Currently many startups from technology creative industry in Indonesia produce a lot of computer programs and mobile applications. This would naturally increase the number of Copyright applications.We provide services which include copyright filings, advice on the ownership of copyrighted works, computer programs and mobile applications or other related matters, and also preparing some of copyright announcements in newspapers.


Commercial Advice

The scope of commercial IP in Indonesia closely relates to the legal corporate affairs.

On the commercial aspect of IP matters, we advise and represent clients in many kinds of commercial issues. Our experience includes preparing and reviewing draft of license agreements, franchise agreements and distributorship agreement with respect to the use of technology and brands as well as advice related thereto.


Dispute Resolution & Enforcement

IP Enforcement currently becomes one of the important aspects of IP Protection particularly in Indonesia. IP Enforcement helps our clients to resolve intellectual property problems, whether through the court or out of court settlement.

In the area of dispute resolution and enforcement of IP rights, we provide practical strategy and solution to the client's interests.

Our Litigation and Enforcement team provides services as follows:

  • Conduct investigation towards any potential IP infringements;
  • Deal with legal actions at either Commercial, Civil and/or Criminal Court
  • Deal with administrative proceedings at the IP Office, such as Trademark & Patent Appeal
  • Deal with IPR Disputes and reach for settlement including negotiation for settlement and draft settlement dispute agreement



Indonesia is one of the main designated countries for investors to put their business investments and franchise business model has become an increasingly popular method of entering the Indonesian market for both local and foreign investors.

One of the things to bear in mind for a franchisor is to have secured any intellectual property assets prior to entering a market. We can help in this department.

We also have experience in advising clients on franchising arrangements, assisting in obtaining a franchise license at the Ministry of Trade, and reviewing any related documents.


IP Audit and Portfolio Review

We also provide services on IP Audit to help the assessment, preservation and enhancement of IP assets. Further, we correct defects in IP rights, put unused IPs to work, identify risks that a company’s products or services may infringe another’s IPs and implement best practices for IP asset management. A thorough IP audit involves not only a review of a company’s IP assets, but also the company’s IP-related agreements, policies and procedures, and competitors’ IPs infringe another’s IP; and implement best practices for IP asset management.