Our services in Intellectual Property field covers nearly all aspects of the industry

Retail Industry

We have helped managing trademark portfolio of a big grocery store including filing trademark applications for products & services to be sold in their grocery store. We also have experience in representing a fashion store in a trademark acquirement negotiation, recording of the trademark assignment and filing their trademark application in Indonesia.

We have also assisted an Indonesian multinational company in obtaining Franchisee license from a well known food & beverage US company.


Food & Beverage

We have assisted several F&B companies in registering their trademark applications in Indonesia and other jurisdictions.

We are currently in the mid of getting transfer of Trademark portfolios from a well known national F&B company.


Entertainment& Film Industry

We have experience representing clients for copyright publications in newspaper and also registering several trademark & copyright applications.


Information & Technology

We have done for a local Information & Technology company drafting of a patent specification and then filing a patent application in Indonesia and overseas through PCT and also filing PCT national phase in other jurisdiction.


Education Institutions

We have helped an Information & Technology and Communication unit under the Ministry of Education in filing some copyright applications for computer programs. We also did its trademark applications as well.



We helped manage the hospitality industry in registering several their brand for “budget hotel business”.



We have assisted a couple of foreign automotive companies in filing industrial design and trademark applications.


Beauty and Care

We have assisted a Japanese beauty product company in preparing distributorship agreement with their subsidiary in Jakarta and in filing a trademark application for beauty products & services.


Consumer Goods

We have assisted a FMCG company in conducting an investigation in an alleged TM infringement case of their  products in the market. The investigation is done in Cikarang and Bekasi Areas.


Digital Marketing

We have assisted a local start up in digital marketing in conducting patent prior art analysis, preparing patent drafting and filing the applications as well.


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